Trading gold futures and options on futures

Posted on 08/10/2020

Carley discusses various options and futures strategies using gold as a portfolio diversifier. Gold, unlike other physical assets, has very little industrial or practical purposes but it can be an effective way to hedge a traditional portfolio. Yet, using inefficient products such as ETFs could expose traders to unexpected risks and drawbacks. The futures and options markets, on the other hand, offer highly efficient access to gold price exposure fitting the needs and risk tolerance of any sized investor or speculator.

- Why consider gold for hedging or speculating?
- Various gold futures sizes and exchanges.
- Gold futures vs ETFs.
- What moves the gold market?
- Analyzing and understanding gold seasonal tendencies.
- Mining for clues in the COT Report.
- Technical analysis and gold futures.
- The time and place for gold is not “always”.
- Hedges or diversifiers are only helpful if profits are locked in.