How to use the CME’s new Micro E-mini Stock Index Options to Speculate and Hedge Around the Clock

Posted on 01/19/2021

2020 brought unprecedented market volatility but, in turn, it also provided an incentive for the CME Group to offer options trading on its new suite of micro-sized stock index futures. Micro E-mini options open the door to fine-tune risk and reward prospects with proper position sizing and they also enable small traders to speculate with nearly any strategy while trading within their means. In short, account size is no longer a barrier of entry to the various options trading strategies and covered calls and puts which would require large margin requirements and the acceptance of significant risks when executed in the larger E-mini futures and options contracts.

In this video we discuss:

• What are Micro E-mini options?
• Micro-sized futures and options on the CME trade 23-hours per day!
• How can Micro E-mini options be used to hedge futures positions?
• Constructing ultra-low-risk option strategies using Micro E-mini options.
• Option spread trading: butterflies, vertical spreads, and outright long and short options.
• Trading closer-to-the-money with less risk.